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Employment Law, Labor & Discrimination Attorneys

At the Boston Legal Group we represent clients in all aspects of the employment relationship.  Whether you are an employer/management or an employee, labor law and employment law attorneys are ready to help you with the most difficult legal obstacles you may encounter.


Our top-tier attorneys, many of whom have extensive experience representing companies in Massachusetts, have worked on both sides of employment law.  This qualifies the Boston Legal Group to anticipate opposing arguments, helping us begin your case a step ahead of the opposition. 


The BLG affiliate network is made up of seasoned advocates. We deal effectively with the workforce for management and corporate leadership but have significant experience, including hundreds of court-hours prosecuting and defending employee claims ranging from discrimination to employment contracts and non-compete litigation. 


The BLG's individual clients have been long served by aggressive employee advocates that have successfully prosecuted a myriad of claims.  BLG's affiliates incorporate sound legal representation with a sensitivity to individual employees' goals. 


Both the rights and interests of employees and employers are safeguarded by the BLG to maximize satisfaction of their clientele.  Our affiliates will strive to minimize the adverse impact of claims against our management clients while maximizing recovery for those plaintiffs who retain our aggressive counsel. 



Whether you are an employer or an employee, the Boston Legal Group is ready to help you with any employment entanglements you may encounter; we advise, counsel, file suit and try cases on behalf of individual employees in matters concerning the following:


Our Agenda

The Boston Legal Group places a high priority on responsiveness to our clients' needs:  Lawyers have a reputation for being difficult to reach and for taking too much time to return telephone calls. We separate ourselves far from this type and recognize labor and employment problems may arise without much prior warning and can require immediate response. We return calls quickly, have systems in place to locate attorneys who are out of the office or, alternatively, provide a backup attorney who can respond immediately.

We represent clients before all Massachusetts federal and state courts, commissions and administrative agencies and are experienced in handling jury trials, multi-party litigation, employee lawsuits, unfair labor practice charges and compliance actions by various government agencies, as well as matters before private arbitrators.

Wherever possible, we seek an efficient and summary determination of cases including motions to dismiss or summary judgment. We also seek to perform an early and objective evaluation of each claim to assist our clients in determining the best and most economical handling of the matter. Although our attorneys are skilled advocates with substantial experience in successfully trying cases and arguing appeals, we recognize that the most aggressive (and expensive) litigation strategy may not always be the best solution to a client's problem.  In every matter we seek to identify the client's primary business objective, design a solution to fit that objective, and then implement that solution in the most efficient manner possible.  

We have a broad and diverse client base.  Whether your work is in manufacturing or a service sector our affiliates can help.  We handle diverse cases for industries such as agriculture, automotive, banking, broadcasting, construction, education, health care, insurance, legal and professional services, manufacturing, real estate, local and state government entities, retail or  technology companies and more.

Our belief is that employers and employees should treat each other with honesty and fairness, we regularly provide our corporate clients with "preventative" advice to comply with legal requirements and avoid costly litigation. We work with both management clients and individuals to develop positive and productive employment practices designed to minimize conflict. We represent individuals with every type of discrimination claim and with claims such as breach of contract, unpaid wages and retaliation. We frequently negotiate severance packages for both corporations and individuals. We are committed to not only the prevention of disputes, but also the early resolution of those disputes that do arise. The Boston Legal Group has handled many employment-related matters, including negotiation, mediation, arbitration and trial. When the dispute cannot be avoided or resolved informally, we bring the experience necessary to effectively represent our clients in virtually every forum where employment matters are heard, including arbitrations, administrative agencies, and courts, both federal and state.

Attorneys at the Boston Legal Group understand the delicate nature of employment law issues, and handle their clientsÂ’ legal matters with the utmost confidentiality, respect and efficiency.  If you want to ensure your rights are well protected contact the Boston Legal Group.


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